You're Hungry and I'm Turkey

Filosofia will be leaving for the architectural wonderland of Turkey tomorrow
so while posting might be more intermittent for the next 10 days,
please know that I will make up for it with a plethora of exciting images
upon my return.

In the meantime please enjoy this video of David Hasselhoff
at his very finest and most self referential.


If You've Always Felt Like Living in a Night Club

    Then I think I have found the perfect house for you!
    Door bouncers cost extra though
    so be sure to factor that in when making your overall budget.


There is Something in Your Soup!

    I don't know what it is about German cuisine,
    but I regularly find its presentation somewhat startling visually.

    Who's hungry?!


Sweetsland: I Want to Go to There

    While we have always had a soft spot for badly translated Japanese stationary

    and various other amusing grammatical errors...

     Filosofia is super jazzed to report that our submission to Engrish.com
     turns out to be one of the most popular photos on the site!

    So please make sure to go rate it so it can advance to publication!

    **** and special thanks to our dear friend shirley for pointing out 
    that porn-sak (while undoubtedly hilarious in english) 
    is in fact a fairly common name in thai!***


The Landscapes in Your Laundry Basket

    Have you ever noticed what good shadows a pile of laundry can make?
    Perhaps our lazy tendencies towards household chores are really just
    artistic ones.
    What better excuse to put off doing your laundry for a little longer!


When Life Gives You Blackberries...

    Make Cobbler!
     Here's hoping you are enjoying your last few days of Summertime!


If You're Craving Some Top Secret Sandwiches

    You have come to the right place!
    Free phone tapping included with purchase of dessert!
    Who's hungry!?