Seriously, fellas...

    Let's make a deal, you pick up the phone and I'll blog more.
    (this one's for you, Shirley)


Dot Dot Dot

The universe has decided to smile on us and let
Yayoi Kusama take over all 200+ Louis Vuitton stores worldwide.
I arrived at Kusama's Berlin location after hours,
but somehow the security gates just amplify the spectacular spectacle.

Now to get rich before this collection sells out...
Can't blame a girl for wanting a bejeweled pumpkin shaped purse!



Barcelona Part 3: Sagrada Familia 3

    So if the interior of the Sagrada Familia wasn't enough to inundate your
    senses, check out this exterior.

    I listened this talk show interviewing a clairvoyant who communicates with
    the deceased on the radio a few months ago. 
    They said one of the best ways to try to engage those you've lost is to ask 
    to see something crazy and look around throughout the day to see if it  
    appears. I asked to see a christmas tree (in May). 



Barcelona Part 2: Sagrada Familia 2

    Devoting just a single post to the genius of Sagrada Familia wouldn't be fair. 
    So here is part 2.
    I also decided to be brave and pay extra to go up into one of the spires to
    snap a few pictures of the new construction in between moments of intense
    vertigo and fear :)
    Ok, I'm dizzy again. I'll tackle the main façade next!


Hey Mister, Have Ya Got a Dime?

I've got nothing but respect for this bad girl.

Heaven better have a good dance party waiting for you! 
Beep beep!


Barcelona Part 1: Sagrada Familia 1

    I am so sorry I have neglected you so! Please let me make it up to you!

    I just got back from Barcelona and took a few pictures for you.
    So let's get started with part 1 of our visit to Sagrada Familia,
    the forever under construction, jaw dropping masterpiece by Gaudi :

    The vaulting, the columns, the spiral staircases, the lighting!
    Too much visual stimulation for one day,
    so I'll save the rest for when you have recovered from all the saturated glory.
    Chapeau, Gaudi, Chapeau....