Hashi Mori featured on Domus!

     If you are looking for some reading material,
     please check out this awesome review of our Hashi Mori
     project by the incomparable Kayta Tylevich 


Introducing Hashi Mori...

 One of the main reasons why I have neglected Filosofia so much
 over these last few months is primarily due to me founding Affect Studio
 with my partner Bjørn Hoffmann and finishing our first project.
 There will be more info and photos arriving here over the next week
 but for now, please sit back and enjoy our just released documentary
 of our brand-new project, Hashi Mori.


Sensational Lessons #1

    I am currently camera-less for the next 2 weeks
    so I am now looking through the troves of my own work
    for some inspiration for you guys...
    and I came across some lessons I wrote
    about sensation for my research studio at UCLA.
    These lessons were a distillation of Gilles Deleuze's
    obtuse book on Francis Bacon The Logic of Sensation.

    While I can't say that I'm a fan of either Bacon or Deleuze,
    I do really like my explanations about what makes
    an effective sensorial experience.
    So enjoy! Here is lesson 1: