Big Macs...Poverty...Travel & Leisure...

    Whatever it is, it will look better in HD TV!

    Chapeau to MediaMarkt in Berlin
    for winning the juxtaposition of the day award!


Are Our Products Mirroring Our Lives?

    Or are our lives mirroring our products?

    It's Dachshund time!


Diagramming Your Dog

      I've been on a diagramming kick for work lately so naturally during
      one of my breaks I used my time to make this extremely useful diagram
      to better understand our sweet dachshund.

      What would your pet's diagram look like?



Dear Architects...Some Thoughts on Form

    I know that as architects we are often trained to love the curve
    and vilify the square.
    And yet, for whatever reason, trips to White Sands, New Mexico,
    the mother-land of curvy landscapes,
    have not become a mandatory part of our education.

    So since we all know that nature figured out how to master form better than
    we can ever hope to and without the help of Rhino, Maya,
    and all of our other favorite modeling softwares...
    I would recommend that you get in your car right this minute,
    drive farther than you ever dreamed of,
    find a way to clear border patrol
    (I know it's still the USA, but that doesn't stop homeland security
    from setting up checkpoints wherever they feel like),
    and then revel in glory that is White Sands.
    You and your architecture can thank me later.


Cowboys Vs. Aliens: A Lesson In Movie Going Part II

    Todays Filosofia is...
    When you are invited to a movie premiere,
    and you go on the right day
    but none of the stars have time to take a picture with you...
    learn Photoshop
    and voila!


Cowboys Vs. Aliens: A Lesson In Movie Going

     Today's Filosofia is....

     When you are invited to a movie premiere,
     make sure you go on the right day.
     Otherwise, you will be forced to take an ironic photo like this
     in front of the construction site.
    I'll see you tomorrow, Harrison Ford! (probably in the same dress)


We're On a Road to Nowhere (Literally)

    On one of the rainiest days of the year, 
    Berlin decided to honor its annual tradition of turning over the streets
    to Germany's thriving rollerblader community
    (Yes, I thought that phenomenon had ended in the late 90's too).
    In addition to making a completely pointless traffic nightmare
    (since no rollerblader would be caught out in such a down pour)
    the city was also kind enough to remove any helpful traffic sign 
    for those of us foolish enough to have picked the wrong form 
    of transportation for the day. 

   And after spending nearly 3 hours to travel less than 10 miles,
   the only people who could add a little upbeat perspective to my plight
   were, of course, Michael and Diana.
   So please enjoy them as they ease on down the road with a lot more 
   grace than I did!


Place Holder

    Filosofia seems to have misplaced her camera...
    hopefully not permanently.

    Until I can figure out what happened,
    please enjoy this picture of me with a parrot.

    Update: Success! Camera has been located! 
    Filosofia will be back at it tomorrow.