I Know Technology is Supposed to Make Life Better But...

   when you lose your phone and your computer is broken
   and you're at the airport
   and you need to find a way to tell someone
   that your flight has been rerouted...
   well in that situation, I'm not buying it.

    Say what?!


Looking Good and Tasting Even Better, Istanbul!

    My sincerest apologies for not updating sooner 
    but a series of computer and internet troubles 
    left me almost entirely technologically crippled. 
    So thanks for being patient

    Now let's get back to Turkey shall we? 
    (all of these things, both architectural and edible, are as good as they look)


Your Filo-sofical Friday Pump Up

    One of my dearest friends asked us to make her a list
    of ways she could start living life in a more interesting way.
    She found this list so motivating that she encouraged us
    to pass it along to you.

    So without further ado,
    Filosofia would like to present our partially illustrated
     41 tips for re-inspiring daily life.

    1. Start a penpal collective.

    2. Cook one new thing a week.

    3. Learn to sew.

    4. Get into color.

    5. Read more.

    6. Go to a poetry slam.

    7. Eat more cake.

    8. Eat more cake that you've made.

    9. Start a bakery collective.

    10. Take a dance class.

    11. Do more yoga.

    12. Be nice to people (and animals).

    13. Donate to charities that you like.

    14. Window shop.

    15. Donate some extra free time to a cause you believe in.

    16. Paint your nails.

    17. Learn to play chess.

    18.  Redo a part of your house (if there is something you want to improve).

    19. Take up gardening.

    20. Take piano lessons.

    21. Get a record player.

    22. Wear more hats.

    23. Use your Saturday mornings to practice your foreign language skills.

    24.  Do more headstands (if you can't do a headstand, then learn how).

    25.  Do more cartwheels (same rules as #24).

    26. Join a collective (book, gardening, whatever).

    27. Grow your own herbs.

    28. Pickle things.

    29. Make jam.

    30. Smile more.

    31. Pay attention to your surroundings.

    32. Make sure everything in your space is only there because
          you love it and want it there.

    33. Read at least one chapter of a book you love per day.

    34. Buy colorful pens.

    35. Learn to wink / wink more.

    36. Perfect your handshake.

    37. Make origami.

    38. Knit.

    39. Crochet.

    40. Make your own hats.

    41. Wear flowers in your hair.


For the Love of the Cave

     Cappadocia was so impressive and inspiring that it deserves
     a minimum of two entries about it.

    Wouldn't you rather live here than wherever you're living now?

   Seeing these intricate networks of cave dwellings really makes me wonder if
   cave men still have the architectural edge on us.
   Architects, consider yourselves on notice!


Land of the Misplaced Camel and Other Stories

    My dear Filosofers!
    My sincerest apologies for my unprofessionally lengthy absence.
    Rest assured it was all in the interest of maximizing the amount
    I was able to see and subsequently then share with you.
    So I hope you will find it was worth the wait...

    Ah, Turkey.

    The land where hotels can look like this...

    Steaks are made of paper...

    Walls are made of rugs...

    Camels are hidden in the oddest of places...

    ....and entire regions appear straight out of a Tim Burton film.

    Please stay tuned.
    More to come as we unpack and sift through our memory cards.