The Wind Cannot Read...and The Clouds Cannot Sing

    At my hotel in Stockholm I picked up some intriguing reading material...
    While I will probably use 'The Wind Cannot Read' for blackout poetry
    I am pretty excited to learn more about the 'Psychic Power of Pyramids'
    Just check out how juicy this table of contents looks:

    invisible pyramids!!

    esoteric pyramids, you say? do go on!

    and your guess is as good as mine
    about what razorblades and pyramids have in common...
    but I'm curious now!
    This book also includes some unexpectedly inspiring images

    So, who wants to join book club?!


  1. I read the pyramid book in my small-town library when I was less than ten years old. I immediately, upon arriving home, built a pyramid with construction paper. Following the book's instructions carefully, I placed my father's dull razor blade inside, and with high hopes, waited. And waited. And waited.

    It was then that I realized that not everything in a book is true, I think.

  2. did you really read it?! I sense some sarcasm, but I never know with you!