Barcelona Part 1: Sagrada Familia 1

    I am so sorry I have neglected you so! Please let me make it up to you!

    I just got back from Barcelona and took a few pictures for you.
    So let's get started with part 1 of our visit to Sagrada Familia,
    the forever under construction, jaw dropping masterpiece by Gaudi :

    The vaulting, the columns, the spiral staircases, the lighting!
    Too much visual stimulation for one day,
    so I'll save the rest for when you have recovered from all the saturated glory.
    Chapeau, Gaudi, Chapeau....


  1. Oooh, 2446 (and that ceiling in general) is my fave.

  2. yeah that place is completely jaw dropping. I wrote part of my undergrand thesis on it but going there was totally mind blowing. the coolest part is that it is always changing so it is probably worth visiting in 3-5 year intervals to see the construction progress :)