Welcome to Filo-Sofia

Hello There!
    This blog will be about architecture 
    What I'm seeing

    and Outside
    Big Things
     and Little Things

    This blog will be about what I'm making

    Or growing
    What I'm eating
    or not eating
    Whenever possible, this blog will be about herring, cringles, 
    and waffle sundaes

    This blog will be about art
    art that looks like reality
    and reality that looks like art

    This blog will be about reverse waterfalls 

    And sometimes Jazz

    My hiding places

    And my destinations

    This blog will be about design
    in all things

    and sand that looks like snow

    I hope you'll join me


  1. Good food, good company, amazing words and images, and travel...how could I not follow you...

  2. i really like the format! excellent use of The Picture Superiority Effect (one of the design principles in that book that i showed to you and bjorn)

  3. thanks Dominick!!! That really means a lot coming from you!!! I'm so glad I subconsciously applied such an important design principle! :) miss ya!