Ginger's Bilingual Horses- Mapping Mazatlan Through Timeshare Presentations

Mazatlan remains the only city I know of that pays you to look at it. If you appear to be a vaguely upstanding tourist and are dressed relatively nicely, you can begin almost any day with a complimentary breakfast and an in-depth tour across the city to look at secluded beach front properties, golf courses, exclusive pool and yacht clubs, and marina facing condominiums...all this and walk away with a bottle of premium Tequila and $300-400 in cash.

    This could be the view out the front door of your new condo.

    This could be the dome on your roof deck

    This could be your complimentary breakfast

Sure, you have to give up about two hours of your hard-earned vacation and fight off an onslaught of hustling to buy the most outrageously ephemeral real estate offerings, but as yet another architect/designer suffering through the greatest recession in the history of our industry, I can think of few alternatives to make such good money... all while seeing a tremendous amount of architecture and sharpening my math skills.

    This could be your poolside condo for 5 weeks a year for the next 50 years
    if you pay $65,000

But since this ownership is actually a points based system and not a tangible property based system, this unit might not be available when you want it. So you might have to stay here instead. *

    *Once we are done financing this construction with your $65,000
     (minus the $400 per visit we are paying for people to come look at the
     property every day), then you can stay here probably :)

Or maybe here. We can't tell you in advance

    But maybe you will get lucky.
    And you will buy into a timeshare that has a nice fish to look at
    Or a bar that serves big cocktails

    But, if you're not just in it for some quick money, and are looking for a
    more serious long-term investment, then your best choice in all of the
    great, speculative city of Mazaltan is to buy a plot next to:


  1. Hilarious. $300-$400 in cash? Amazing. And only a couple hours of pestering you to fork up $65k? Not bad.

  2. well the genius part is you can get pestered, say no, and they still pay you...and don't track you down and kill you in a dark alley! so it's a pretty good way to make some money...at least until they catch on!