Logo a Go-Go

     I have been in the process of revamping my portfolio website
     and deciding on a logo is not easy.

     I began with something a bit heavy and perhaps overly bland.

     But that is gray scale.
     And I like color so much that maybe we should make it green instead.

     And that seemed good enough for a while...
     But then my boyfriend started making his website
     and after his first attempt at a logo, I found myself feeling a little jealous.

    By the time he got to his second iteration
    I found myself suffering from a serious logo complex.

    So I experimented.

    This was certainly an improvement from the the first but...
    Maybe it's too cute? Maybe it looks too much like a flying peacock?

    So I tried again.

    Hmmm, better!
    But given the layout of the rest of the website still not really working.

     Having a narrower header makes sense given my more
     consolidated border for my images
     but isn't it kind of weird to have the image bleed into the name?
     Shouldn't it be the opposite?

     Ok that's more like it.
     But now my links don't fit anywhere. So let's try moving my name up a bit.

      Very good!

      Uh, oh, but now Kaitlin just said it looks too girly! What's to be done?

      Should I desaturate?

     Should I change the hue?

     I'm tired!! How about we just compromise.

     So this is where I'm leaving it for now. Which one would you pick?

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