Dear Architects...Some Thoughts on Form

    I know that as architects we are often trained to love the curve
    and vilify the square.
    And yet, for whatever reason, trips to White Sands, New Mexico,
    the mother-land of curvy landscapes,
    have not become a mandatory part of our education.

    So since we all know that nature figured out how to master form better than
    we can ever hope to and without the help of Rhino, Maya,
    and all of our other favorite modeling softwares...
    I would recommend that you get in your car right this minute,
    drive farther than you ever dreamed of,
    find a way to clear border patrol
    (I know it's still the USA, but that doesn't stop homeland security
    from setting up checkpoints wherever they feel like),
    and then revel in glory that is White Sands.
    You and your architecture can thank me later.

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