We're On a Road to Nowhere (Literally)

    On one of the rainiest days of the year, 
    Berlin decided to honor its annual tradition of turning over the streets
    to Germany's thriving rollerblader community
    (Yes, I thought that phenomenon had ended in the late 90's too).
    In addition to making a completely pointless traffic nightmare
    (since no rollerblader would be caught out in such a down pour)
    the city was also kind enough to remove any helpful traffic sign 
    for those of us foolish enough to have picked the wrong form 
    of transportation for the day. 

   And after spending nearly 3 hours to travel less than 10 miles,
   the only people who could add a little upbeat perspective to my plight
   were, of course, Michael and Diana.
   So please enjoy them as they ease on down the road with a lot more 
   grace than I did!


  1. did you know that rachel weisz is going to be in the wizard of oz prequel? it's apparently filming in detroit which made me think - wouldn't the home of motown be better suited to a prequel of "the wiz" instead?

  2. no I didn't know that! that sounds like a weird prequel. and yes I think you are totally right about detroit being the perfect place for the wiz...but they better not touch it because who could ever top mj and diana!? MAYBE Janelle Monáe could be a cool dorothy but I think Michael is irreplaceable for scarecrow... :)