The Beat Poetry in Your Bookmarks

If you are as disorganized as I am with your web browsing, your bookmarks probably mean nothing to you. You most likely can never retrace your virtual steps and find what you're looking for.

I finally decided to take control of my bookmarks and join Delicious, Yahoo's smart, and surprisingly beatnik, way of organizing all of the webpages you would otherwise lose forever. When you save a page you get to associate it with a group of "tags" that will help you remember how to find it again. This seems like a good idea. These tags are then compiled into a greater word cloud so you can search by theme or popularity.

This is my word cloud.

But my word cloud doesn't make me want to track down old sites. When I look at my tag list all I see are really jazzy beat poems.

    Crazy creatures crochet cube culture? Well how delightful!

So straight out of my own personal word cloud, I present to you the best of my beatnik bookmark poetry:

free  french  furryalphabet

bunker bunny buried cake

organic painting panda

facet fascist fashion

garden  giantanimals  glow  goldleaf

pinup  pixel  powersocks  prefab puppies pyramid

linen lines lint list los angeles

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