The Architectural Nuances of Southern Spain

    While the majority of Southern Spain suffers from the repercussions of
    massive, generic speculative developments that have since mostly dried 
    up in the face of the global economic crisis, there are still many 
    eccentric and whimsical details to be found.

    The first of such details might be this inspiringly long chimney

    or this unusual spiky sting ray concrete creation.

    The second detail could be this Jesus sign covered in ants
    which is actually the advertisement for the funeral home just inside

    or perhaps some left-over Colonial era relics in Murcia.

    A third ought to include this still untouched rock formation in Bol Nuevo.

    And then, of course, there is Granada
    in all of its romantic white stucco- Alhambra super glory...

    and the hidden surprises you'll discover sprinkled along the way.

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