Mastering the Art of Living: A Tribute to My Godmother

    I know my blog is supposed to be mainly about things related to art,
    architecture, and design but I would like to reevaluate that standard
    definition for a moment.

    My godmother passed away a few days ago and as arguably the most
    important person in my life, I have been spending some time reflecting
    on what made her presence so invaluable to me. Supporting me through
    every hurdle I have faced in my 26 years, my godmother was unwavering
    in her devotion and confidence in both me and the world. She taught me
    how to laugh at myself... even when I made something this ugly:

    She lived big, she loved big, and she thought big....
    So I have decided that
    Elizabeth Strahan is more than just a godmother, grandmother, mother,
    and friend.
    She is art.
    Art is bold, unapologetic, visionary, and political.
    Art is full of conviction, color, elegance, humor, tragedy, and compassion.
    Art is timeless and so is Lizzie.
    She was my person. She inspired me to start Filosofia.
    I'll miss her everyday.

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  1. What better tribute to Lizzie than this wonderful celebration of life.