Ode to Juxtaposing

    Arguably the most beautiful architectural relic in Grunewald
    is currently undergoing a mysterious facelift.

    In what I hope is just some kind of foundation restoration or yard work,
    a 4 story modernist mega-tower has been added to the grounds
    to compliment the various turrets of this 17th century-ish masterpiece.

    So in homage to this perplexing juxtaposition, let's go through some of my
    other favorites from the not so distance past...

    Beans three ways

    Pumpkins three ways

    A house and a monster

    A zombie and a mayor
    A bear in a forest

    Or some fruit in the snow

    Something big and something small

    Something old and something new

                    And for the oddest musical juxtaposition I can think of....
                    Tom Jones and the Cardigans covering the Talking Heads!!
   Thumbs up!

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