Que Sera, Sera

     My godmother's memorial was yesterday and I've been thinking a lot about
     her lately and how I can start picking up the pieces of my life in the wake of
     her absence. One of these pieces is of course Filosofia, which she would be
     absolutely furious if I ever gave up on, so I'm not. Lizzie was a do-er and she
     believed that through action you can process and grow. Finding something to
     post after the entry I dedicated to her has taken me days to decide on,
     but what I realized is that while she was in the hospital, I emailed her
     a series of photographs from my trip to Spain, like I always do,
     assuming she'd be released and go home to see them at any moment.
     She never got to go home and never got to see my pictures,
     and since she is still signed up as one of my readers, I am posting them here.

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  1. Wonderful images of a life being fully lived. Carry on for the rest of us!