The Grass is Greener and the Shipping Containers are Braver in London

     I somehow ended up in London for a few moments at the end of last month
     and while I was there encountered some very expensive grass....
     (Hi! I cost $29,000 a year to maintain!)

    A few very brave and unusual staircases...
    Nature clashing with progress...

    Some profoundly unfinished thoughts...

    And someone who actually has more laundry to do than me!


  1. i'm really generous of all your photogenic locations!

  2. oh, weird. haha, umm, i wish i could have blamed that on an iphone autocorrect, but i'm pretty sure i was on a regular keyboard. the obvious substitution would be "jealous," but now i'm sort've intrigued as to how i could've gotten so far off. also, there's no WAY that that was posted at 2:23pm, so obviously there is some sort of "time" "zone" trickery afoot, amongst other possible trickery :)

  3. well generous or jealous, time zone or no time zone, I'm happy you're reading and participating!! :)