Pixel Church: Saving Your Soul One Brick at a Time

    Each time we drive to the pet store, we get to pass this church.

   And each time we pass this church it is either raining,
   or I don't have my camera, or we're late.
   So after several months of coveting this eccentrically compelling architectural
   specimen from the passenger window,
   I finally got a chance to pull over and take a look.

   Unfortunately it was a day that the church was closed to the public...
   But if the outside is this good,
   my guess is the interior will be deserving of its own visit.
    Until then, please take your time and marvel over the swirling,
    textured, pixel magic that can be achieved by
    using a single, repeating element.
    Who knew a brick building could look this good!

    And for whatever reason,
    all of this very ordered and logical brick work was paired with this
    deeply perplexing Grauman's Chinese Theater-esque entryway.
    This royal blue tiled, bulging canopy fiercely battles with the
    rest of the church for style, scale, period, color, and compositional domination.
    Yet somehow, while this church really makes no logical sense
    from a design standpoint...
    I haven't seen a church quite this compelling in ages.

    So, anyone want to come to pixel mass with me?
    I'm really hoping that they're performing this song on repeat inside:

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