Some Places Deserve to be Famous

    There are some tourist attractions in the world that are really
    not worth your time.
    Attractions that when you get there you find yourself thinking "that's it?"
    or "I thought it would be bigger in real life."
    The Alhambra is not one of these places.
    The Alhambra deserves its accolades.
    And you'd be hard pressed to find craftsmanship of this caliber
    anywhere else (hey Sistine Chapel, are you taking notes?).

    And even though I spent several weeks in architecture school
    meticulously studying the roof of the Sala de las Dos Hermanas
    and making drawings like this:

     which of course meant I had understood and mastered its logic...

     When actually confronted with this masterpiece up close,
     could you blame me for forgetting all of my pervious knowledge
     about muqarnas and geometric patterning?

    While I focused all my attention in school to that one ceiling,
    I was happy to discover that it was just one of many impressive moments
    scattered throughout the expansive Alhambra complex...
    So while you might come to the Alhambra thinking
    you already know it all...
    do prepare yourself for the likelihood of leaving
    with some stars in your eyes.
    And if you get lost, just keep an eye out for the eager animals,
    ready to guide the way.

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