My Favorite Mistakes

    I have been thinking a lot about mistakes today...
    their values and their stigmas.
    So much about the nature of mistakes implies an element of
    negativity and failure, and in many cases such a critique
    may be deserved....

    Like in the cases of most architectural mistakes:

    Or mistakes against ideas of sustainability and humanism.

    And maybe even in certain cases we can include culinary mistakes...

    But some mistakes, make life better.
    Some mistakes add spontaneity, surprise, and color to our
    rules and rigid structure.
    Some mistakes are worth smiling about.

    So here's to the great fashion mistakes
    and the sincere but failed attempts to tame wild animals mistakes.
    Heres to the technological mistakes

    and of course, my favorite...
    the ever-poetic translation mistakes.

    What are your favorite mistakes?


  1. haha, as much as i want to argue that some of these aren't mistakes, i can't :)